Brown Street House

Written on March 3, 2018


One of our first projects, Brown Street House, is located in the historical district of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This family of four (and one dog) needed a few elements spruced up! We focused on the two areas that the parents spent most of their time: the kitchen and master suite. Along with a fresh coat of yellow paint, the pantry in the center of the room was given a facelift. The built-in pantry stood tall with floor to ceiling doors concealing all of their beautiful dish-ware. To transform this into an usable art piece and focal point, the top doors were taken off and the whole unit painted with oil paint - a shout out to it’s early 1900’s origin. To show off their white ceramic dishes, crystal stemware, and colored Japanese rice bowls, the back wall was painted a stoic deep gray.



Let’s start with the obvious in the master bedroom - that wallpaper. Some of it was pealing, other areas stained from water damage. With old houses, comes old finishes! The redesign hinted towards Japanese influences with natural materials and color palettes. We reorganized the furniture to better suit the family’s needs. Once we were done, the bedroom had morphed from an old ugly duckling to a calming oasis.



This project was completed back when I was starting my portfolio and would do anything to gain experience so I did all the handy work myself. In the kitchen I disassembled the pantry, painted the cabinets and reinstalled the bottom doors. A word for the wise, oil-based paint is not easy to work with. It is very thick, smelly, and takes a full week to completely dry. However, the end result is unparalleled. In the master bedroom I re-painted the walls, put together new furniture, and hung the decor. The only thing I can’t take credit for was removing the wallpaper. I hired a high-schooler from the local paint store to take off the old, melded-on wallpaper! He came three nights after work from 5-9 pm and was covered in white dust each night he left.

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