Beach Street

Written on November 29, 2018

Our Beach Street Carriage House project was a fun one. At first glance, it was hard to see the possibility of a welcoming, bright, clean space. But, let’s be honest, you could only improve from these “before” photos.

Tucked away from the street and looking down on a marsh, this is the ideal cozy New England getaway location. However, this 70’s eccentric decor didn’t scream “ideal cozy getaway”. This home needed timeless upgrades for future generations.

Purchased as a rental property, this was our first project where our client was not the person who would occupy the space. Our goal was not to craft a house that worked for a specific family, but to renovate it to operate for any family. We went back to basics, creating a beautiful backdrop where someone could grow into it and make it their own. Clean lines, a bright palette, and modern materials and appliances were integrated. The house went through extensive structural changes too as staircases were relocated, dormer’s added for additional usable space on the second floor, and plumbing relocated.

Because we didn’t know the family who would live in this space, we photographed it without the elements of an occupant. Our fear of the house feeling empty and vacant was soon diminished as we felt welcomed by the big open bedrooms, and inspired by the spacious kitchen countertops.
Before 1.jpg

Before and after 1.jpg

Before and after 5.jpg

Before and after 3.jpg

Before and after 2.jpg

Before and after 4.jpg